Danger Caves
Danger Caves
is a Adventure Mode world that serves as Running Fred's second world. Fred runs away from Grimmy,  avoiding dangerous hazards, and dodging a one-way ticket to a hot bubbly pool of Magma. 


Danger Caves Map

Areas (assumed)Edit

  1. Entrance
  2. Sharp Hills
  3. Dangerous Elevation
  4. Boulder Mayhem
  5. Flameout
  6. Falling Stalactites
  7. Rocky Path
  8. Broken Path
  9. Raining Logs and Boulders
  10. Exit

Grimmy Idol LocationEdit

  1. Near the end of the level above the 2nd accellerator pad
  2. After the portal and after the Skully treasure chest
  3. After the 2nd checkpoint, in the gap between 2 platforms
  4. I am abdulhadi arafe
  5. Fart breath
  6. stink up butt


List of HazardsEdit

  • Ninja Training Pole (Turned in to blades)
  • Roll Logs
  • Boulders
  • Bear Traps (with human teeth on)
  • Flameout
  • Blades
  • Needle Board
  • Falling Stalactites DON'T FORGET YOUR MOM

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