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Grimmy is the antagonist from Running Fred. Se is most likely to be the Grim Reaper as she chops people/intruders with his daily sharpened scythe before each level. It is impossible to outrun her but possible to run while she tries to chop you. She has golden statues of himself known as Grimmy Idol hidden in each level in Adventure mode.

Lore: Before the great demon war, Grimmy was a female chimpanzee looking for love. She took up belly dancing and found a partner, who is now known as the "secret monkey'. Grimmy fell off a cliff and turned into the Grim Reaper but refuses to kill the secret monkey. That is why secret monkey is in the game.

  • Likes:Chasing Fred, Chopping Fred.
  • Dislikes:Fred getting away.
  • Loves:Secret Monkey

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