Grizzly Manor
Grizzly Manor is the first world in Running Fred where fred first runs  away from Grimmy/Grim Reaper because of Fred waking up in his home and taking coins known as skullies. Going through hazardious traps, avoiding a trip to the abyss, and being chopped by Grimmy. There are a total of 10 levels in this world. There are different decorations in there, such as statues, tables, and doors. Doors that are on the left and right side are purely decoration, but those in the front are always open, letting Fred pass. Talbles, chairs and statues are purely decoration, but if Fred runs on a statue or a chair, he will fall down on the floor. If Grimmy is nearby, he will immediately chop him up. If Grimmy is farther away (Fortunately), he may be able to catch up on Fred. Then you must use the accelerating tiles or the afterburner to escape.

Levels Edit

Grizzly Manor map

Areas (assumed)Edit

  1. An entrance to the manor most likely
  2. Corridors
  3. Broken Hallway
  4. Hazardious Hallway
  5. Dining Room/Kitchen
  6. Bottomless pit
  7. Refridgerator/Freezer
  8. (Falling Fred)
  9. Explosive Barrel Storage
  10. Exit

Grimmy Idol LocationEdit

  1. After falling down (1st) take a far right avoiding an assumed incompleted bridge
  2. On top of a pillar after checkpoint (requires wall jump or wall grip)

Endless ManorEdit

The survival version of Grizzly Manor. The floor, all decoration (except table, chairs, pillars, cups) have changed to blue.

List of HazardsEdit

  • Spinning spiked mace
  • Saw Blade
  • Pendulum
  • Blade
  • Spikes
  • Falling Chandeliers
  • Explosive Barrel
  • Spikes (comes out when Fred comes near a red square on the floor or wall with 5 holes)
  • Perma Frost Tubes (Fred gets frozen and turns into an icecube)

Guide Edit

First level: Manor entrance.

Nothing special, just look after those red tiles with spikes and a couple of hazards and you will be fine.

Second level: Corridors.

Look after the pendulums, they hit really hard and are 1 hit kil. Try to jump over them if you have the chicken flap ability(This can let you jump further and higher, like a triple jump)

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